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Godparents were Daivd Sánchez and Concepción. 
Perales, Lazara (I4580)
2 In this Church of El Manzano, today the 22nd of December of 1888, I married Jose Leon Baca single, legitimate son of the deceased, Juan Baca and of Gabina Chaves, from Lincoln, with Beatriz Carrillo single, legitimate daughter of Jose Carrillo and of Nicanora Marques. Padrinos, Antonio Chaves and Juana Carillo. Witnesses, Silvestre Baca and Antonio Chaves. Family F2774
3 They were both from Lincoln. Padrinos were Miguel Gameros and Mariana García. His parents were listed as Santos Gutiérrez and Emilia Griego.  Gutiérrez, Adolfo (I9705)
4 "hijo natural" Candelaria, Aloy (I8852)
5 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Candelaria, Graciano (I8853)
6 "hijo natural" Godparents were Cesario Pineda and Josefita Zamora. Zamora, Bonifacio (I8260)
7 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Zamora, Ramona (I4906)
8 (Father listed as José Torres y Barela in the Baptismal Record.) Godparents were Sivestre Baca and Elogia Galindro. Torres, Fernando (I4848)
9 (His mothers name is listed as Socorro Rivali in the Baptismal Record.) Godparents were Francisco and Concepción Trujillo.  Trujillo, Eduardo (I4853)
10 (His name was spelled Octaviano in the marriage record.) Witnesses were José Montaño and Navidad Montaño de Sais. Family F766
11 (Mother listed as Mariita Chavez) Godparents were Teofilo Salas and Higinia Gallegos. Chávez, Anacleto (I8360)
12 (Mother listed as Virginia Padilla.) Godparents were José Leon Baca and Beatriz Carillo. Torres, Juan Agustin (I4846)
13 (Mother's name was listed as Felipa) Godparents were Pantaleon and Barbarita Torres. Torres, Felipe (I4836)
14 (Parents listed as Luis Montoya and Cruz Miranda) Godparents were José Miranda and Loerenza Miranda. Montoya, Procopio (I11778)
15 (The record says Gendry Ranch.) Godparents were Inacio Cena and Agapita Ortiz. Sena, Vicenta (I4802)
16 (The record says they were from Macho) Godparents were Trinidad Romero and Eugenia Sánchez. Montoya, Jacoba (I7788)
17 1790 Census, San Fernando de los Silvas Lucero, Don Domingo (I1587)
18 1850 Census- Shows in Manzano:
José Padila, age 36, male; occupation, farmer; real estate value $100
Pelonia Padila, age 38, female
Casimira Padila, age 18, female
Senobio Padila, age 10, male
Ysidero Padila, age 8, male
Manuela Padila, age 1, female
Note: See the Ygnacio Guevara, Anamaria Torres document for further info. on ‘Lada’ and her upbringing.

1860 Census- Shows in Manzano:
José Padilla, age 41, male; occ. farmer; real est. $100; pers. est. $1251
Pelonia Padilla, age 26, female
Senobia Padilla, age 20, male
Ysidro Padilla, age 17, male
Teresa Padilla, age 9, female
Ma. Manuel Padilla, age 8, female
Especial Padilla, age 3, male

From the 1870 Census, Lincoln Co. Precinct 1, Family #28, 29
28 Padilla, Jose 65 m Farmer $1,000
28 Padilla, Polonia (Herrera) 38 f Keeping House
28 Padilla, Francisca 14 f
28 Padilla, Adan 8 m
29 Padilla, Ysidro 27 m Laborer
29 Padilla, Catalina 21 f Keeping House
29 Padilla, Viviana 3 f

Note on the discrepancies in the Census; at that time many people didn’t seem to know or care what their age actually was, or the various census takers may have been careless or relied on second party information, also I wonder how much the average New Mexican trusted or even cared about the U.S. government and consequently guarded their replies. The baptism and other church records were often recorded by a scribe that accompanied the Priest and may not have gotten it correct; however the church records are probably the most reliable.

José seems to have been a successful farmer especially if he raised primarily sheep. In Rafael Chacon’s book; while he was Commandant of Ft. Stanton (about 1865), he speaks of a Jose Padilla who sold milk and butter to the Fort. Chacón also relates an incident when José threatened to kill him and was restrained by the soldiers. Later he was released to his family who said that Jose occasionally would go berserk and they promised to try and control him.

Sometime between 1870 and 1880 José died but his family stayed on at their ranch on the Salado Flats, next to the McKinley’s.

From the 1880 Census, Lincoln Co. Dist.58, Salado, Family #26, 27
26 McKinley, David m 35 Dairy
26 McKinley, Francis f 25 Wife Keeping House
26 McKinley, Manuel? m 9 Son
26 McKinley, Ysidro m 7 Son
27 (Padilla) Herrera, Polonia f 50
27 Padilla, Adan m 15 Son Herding
Family F774
19 1880 he lived in La Luz, NM. Gutiérrez, José Dolores (I9691)
20 1900 lived in Reventon, Lincoln Co. Regalado, José (I7078)
21 1910 lived in Reventon, Lincoln Co. Romero, Porfirio (I2991)
22 1917 Draft Reg. Lived in Artesia, Eddy Co. NM, self employed farmer West, Wilson Coleman (I7045)
23 25 Oct 1924 Family F298
24 A comment was made by the Priest because of his age. Family F919
25 A Deputy Sheriff for Pat Garrett of Lincoln Co. He was sent after horse thieves and was shot and killed in the process. Corn, Jasper (I3656)
26 Accidenatlly shot as a young boy Guebara, Albino (I1484)
27 Accoeding to 1885 Lincoln Co. Census he appears to be the brother of Manuela Herrera-Miller-Swan (Carrillo) Herrera, José (I7279)
28 Acidentally shot and died as a young boy. Guebara, Albino (I1484)
29 Ada and Archie had no children. Eastwood, Ada (I6208)
30 Ada never married. She worked as a dressmaker for over 50 years at Kendal Milne's, a Department Store Simcock, Ada (I6264)
31 Adopted at Carrizozo by Julián and Carolina, no Godparents listed. Leal, Moises (I6527)
32 Adopted by Antonio Trujillo and Angela Sedillo Sedillo, Sisto (Xisto) (I8408)
33 Adopted Indian child Padilla, José Alberto "Adan" (I1658)
34 adopted of Indian parents Padilla, José Alberto "Adan" (I1658)
35 After her mother died, Lola applied to the Probate Court to have Sam Corbet appointed her Guardian. Phillipowski, María Dolores "Lola" (I1664)
36 After mother died his father took him back to England and he was rasied by his mother's family. I think in the Watson Hamer household. Eastwood, George (I5188)
37 After the groom promised not to interfere with her religion, first to baptize then to educate thier children in the prinicples of the Catholic Faith. Witnesses were James Brent, Carlota Baca, Saturnina Baca, Arcdadio Sais and Saturnino ///Baca. Family F1384
38 Alce never married. She worked as a dressmaker for over 50 years at Kendal Milne's, a Department Store Simcock, Alice (I6267)
39 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Family F3940
40 Alwilda and her mother were killed by Indians Joy, Mahala 'Alwilda' (I609)
41 An Español per Martha Wilson. Chávez, Antonio (Chaves) (I7484)
42 An Español per Martha Wilson. Family F2813
43 An original settler of Tularosa. Duran, Cesario (I10248)
44 Ancestry.com is not alays reliable- Double Check Source (S13)
45 Aparently died as an infant per his bptismal record. Trujillo, Bonefacio (I11494)
46 Apparently they had no children. Brady, Teodora (I2789)
47 Arabela was written in the margin. Godparents were Manuel Romero and Leonor García. Sánchez, Timoteo (I9176)
48 As noted in the 1900 Census. Bueno, Jacobo (I5630)
49 At his place of residence. Collier, Agustus R. (I3831)
50 Bapitzed in Plaza de San Fernado, jurisdiction de la villa Albuqureque. Born the same day in Plaza de los Bacas. Godparents were José Montaño and his wife, Ma. Guada. Silva of Plaza de los Bacas. Torres, Juana Dominga (I1770)

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